About Us

We were founded as a response to market changes in the route to market and pressure on brands and their profit margins.

Our Experience

We are professional marketeers communicating with the sector, with long term contracts with data management, sample and voucher delivery, direct marketing,  and digital marketing.

What We Do

We market your brand directly to the independent sector through several channels in one go.



We'll work with your brand and establish an ongoing connection direct with 36,000+ independent retailers...
EPOS Analysis
We compare your product against your competitors to find ideal targeting.
Convenience Sector
We target your brand to over 36,000 independent UK retailers.
Direct Marketing
Samples, marketing and POS will be sent directly to the retailers.
Market Share Increase
We'll monitor and advise as your market share increases against your competitors.

Professionals who grow your brand.

IBD was founded as a response to market changes in the route to market and pressure on brands and their profit margins. Attacks on brands market penetration and margins coming from various directions – for example Tesco’s control and acquisition of Booker Wholesale Cash & Carry Group, the demise of distributor Palmer & Harvey, Tesco’s declaration to create a new own-brand chain “Jack’s”, Sainsbury’s purchase of ASDA with the goal to reduce brand purchase prices – the importance of communication with the independent and convenience store sector takes on ever more importance!

The Sector

Current market share, according to IGD, is 21% for the convenience sector - of which 80% are independents. This is predicted to grow by 11.7% by 2022. We have data available of 23,199 independent grocers, 8,754 symbols, 2,875 independent forecourts, 657 symbol forecourts and 1,226 independent off licenses*.

*Correct as of May 2018

Track Competitor Activity

The opportunity to understand who is currently stocking and track over as long a period of time as you wish, allowing tracking of a success of an activity and allow planning of future activity to the sector, plus track competitor activity.

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