Privacy Policy

IBD Data Privacy Policy 2018

We adhere to GDPR and take our responsibilities seriously.

What data do we hold?  What do we use the data for?

We only hold your data from enquiries made to us and as supplied to us by you so we can respond to you this normally consists of  address ,name and title, company, contact details consisting of address, phone numbers and  email address. We only hold business contact details and not any home information unless specifically that is what you have given us as your contact information. We will keep a record of our contact with you (CRM)and any subsequent actions as a result of our conversation be it by email,sms,in writing or face to face meeting.

We keep contact information so that WE can contact you and only for that purpose we do not sell the data or share your data with any person or entity  it is kept securely within our computers or storage systems unless you specifically authorise us or instruct us to share your data with a third party.

Third Party Data

We receive and process data supplied by approved GDPR data suppliers this information has been supplied to us on the basis of positive opt in for the purposes that we will have detailed in our contracts with the data suppliers.

How do we securely hold data?

We keep your contact details records within IBD computers and servers used for secure storage only.Any supplied data from approved GDPR compliant companies is kept separately and securely and is not merged or blended other than for the purposes of preventing duplicate records.

Can I have my data removed from IBD computers?

Yes if you do not wish us to contact you or wish to have your records deleted from our computers please email us or write to us and your records will be deleted securely from our computers within 7 working days. We will confirm to you what information we hold and that we have received your instructions and your records held by us will be deleted from our computer and storage systems.

Do IBD share or sell your data?

We do not share or sell your contact data we keep data purely as an address book or for CRM purposes.

If you have any concerns regarding data we may hold please contact us and we will respond to your questions and comments within 7 working days.


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Integrated Brand Deliver Ltd reserves the right to review this Privacy Policy from time to time, so please be sure to check it regularly.

Last updated 26th August 2018